Netherhall CROCS

Want to learn about particle physics, make your own cosmic ray detectors or have a go using some fantastic detectors made by CERN

If this sounds like what you'd like to do, then talk to Mr Davies.

CROCS is a special and exciting project: we will be making Cosmic Ray Particle Detectors using equipment from CERN (the European Particle Physics Laboratory). The results from our detectors will be combined with those from other schools taking part in the project (initially in Cambridgeshire, perhaps later from across the country). To date, astronomers do not know much about where in the Universe cosmic rays are coming from from or how they are actually produced. CROCS will help to answer these questions.

This will be our second major joint project working with the University of Cambridge High Energy Physics Group. Click the link to read about our last collaboration with the University of Cambridge High Energy Physics Group: Smashing Particles. We also have access to an incredible particle detector system called medipix. If you'd like to learn about particle physics by trying your own experiments using equipment normally found in research laboratories, then talk to Mr Davies.

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