Chapter P7 - Observing the Universe


National Schools' Observatory

  • NSO the sky tonight, see how the sky changes throughout the evening.
  • NSO day and night, see the Sun and stars rise and set over 24 hours; see this in spring, summer, autumn and winter.
  • NSO electric orrery, explore the retrograde motion of Mars. Next period of retrograde motion is Feb - May 2012.
  • NSO stars How far away are the stars? How are they formed and how do they die? Are all stars the same? What keeps them shining?

Structure of a Star

Behaviour of (Ideal) Gases

Try this PhET simulation of a gas. You can investigate all the gas laws - Boyle's law (constant temperature); Charles's Law (constant pressure); the pressure law (constant volume).
Gas Properties
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More simulations and animations here:

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