Key Stage 5 - AS and A2 Advancing Physics, Course Overview

Physics tells us how the world works and leads to exciting technologies that improve our lives.

Students need to have Grade C in Core Science and Additional Science OR a Grade C in GCSE Physics; and at least a Grade C in Mathematics in order to join the Physics A-level class at Netherhall Sixth Form.

AS Physics

Your study will include imaging (digital cameras to brain scans); sensing; communication (email, fax and mobile phones); designer materials; waves and quantum behaviour; space and time.

AS Assessment

  • Two examinations 80%

  • Coursework 20%
    • A report of a measurement or study of a physical relationship
    • A presentation on the use, property and structure of a material.

A2 Physics

You will study the universe, its origins and future; matter in extremes; very hot and very cold; fields (electric and magnetic); fundamental particles; and ionising radiation.

A2 Assessment

  • Two examinations 80%

  • Coursework 20%
    • Practical investigation
    • Research report
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